How to be a Man Devotionals: Vol 1, 2 and 3 Bundle


How to be a Man Devotionals: Vol 1, 2 and 3 Bundle

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The first How to Be a Man devotional: How to Be a Man - Pursuing Christ-Centered Masculinity Manhood is in crisis. In the majority of our churches, men make up the minority of regular attenders, and many of the men who show up on Sunday mornings are disconnected from the work and life of the church. How can men become who God wants them to be? And what does it even mean to be a man anyway? The truth is that it's impossible to be a man without grounding your definition of manhood in the person of Christ. How to Be a Man is a 40 day devotional that will spur men on to a more passionate pursuit of Christ-centered manhood.

The second How to be a Man devotional: How to Be a Man: Learning from the Real Men of the Bible is a 40-day devotional that examines the lives these eight men lived. Using their lives as an example, men will be challenged to live a life of impact and influence, changing the world around them for the sake of the gospel.
The Bible is the true Word of God. The people we meet in its pages are real people. And we can learn much from them, men like:
  • PAUL

  • The third How to be a Man devotional: How To Be A Man: Discovering What It Means To Be A Disciple is a 40-day devotional that will help equip men with a powerful definition of what it means to follow Jesus. Using eight discipleship characteristics, this book gives men, many for the first time, a roadmap for spiritual maturity. Men will no longer have to ask, What does discipleship look like? Each week features five days of devotions that focus on one of the following characteristics of disciples:
    • Disciples have been transformed by Christ
    • Disciples surrender to a Gospel-centered life
    • Disciples hunger to know God
    • Disciples desire to worship God
    • Disciples pursue personal holiness
    • Disciples embrace Christian community
    • Disciples engage with their surroundings
    • Disciples invest in multiplying disciples

      Written by eight different men, this devotional book is full of wisdom and insight.
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